Designed a Brand Identity
Venezuela in motion, also called Vim, is a growing company dedicated to the research, structuring and modeling of profitable businesses on a global scale. 

With strong bases in the organization, the schematization and the optimization of processes of production as well as logistics and research. 

Vim proposes a new way of creating companies by systematizing routine tasks and problem solving even before they appear, so that all approaches and priorities do not fall into tasks of much investment of time and little profit. 

Priority is given to the expansion or improvement of internal processes from the creation of the established company. With the slogan "your ideas in motion", Vim is intended to provide the opportunity for new and young entrepreneurs who have great ideas but do not have the resources or ability to execute. With this new business proposal and the search for young entrepreneurs, Vim needed the creation of a fresh and safe image. With keywords like cool, trust, and loyalty team, proceeded to gather references and sketching the first ideas.